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What states accept Texas LTC?

State of Texas LTC license fees (PDF)?
This table lists the fees for the State of Texas, these fees are outside of our instructional fees.


State of Texas LTC forms

New legislation for Texas CHL

Texas LTC Web Site

The State of Texas passed laws that allow us to carry handguns for self-protection. Obtaining a permit to carry in the State of Texas requires a 6 hour License To Carry Handgun License Certification Course which is outlined by the State Department of Public Safety and covers the use of force, gun safety, gun storage, dispute resolution and Texas laws regarding use of force as a defense and licensing requirements. It also requires a shooting test with a required minimum score to prove your shooting proficiency.

Obtaining a permit to carry in the State of Texas requires completion of the course, qualifying with a handgun at the range, and passing a 50 question test. The applicant then applies and pays a fee to the State which completes a background check and completes the issuance of the license.

It is no longer required to re-certify with the State of Texas, but we encourage those that carry a concealed handgun practice your shooting periodically.